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Safe Sex: Guide to Condom Use

When it comes to sex education, schools in the U.S. fall short. Men who have questions about safe sex, and especially the correct use of condoms, are far from alone.

Bisexuality Indicates an Ambivalence Over Lovers

Although men have varying levels of sex drive (which affect the frequency with which they want sex) once a man engages in specific genital stimulation he most usually does achieve orgasm. For men, physical stimulation leads to orgasm because they are easily aroused especially with a lover. A man’s sexual emotions involve his drive to engage in penetrative sex and to enjoy the eroticism of being physically intimate with a lover.

Sore Penis Sex: Alternative Strategies

No man wants to forego sex, but sometimes having a sore penis makes that necessary. However, some alternative strategies may make it easier to indulge even with soreness.

Better Sex During Cold Winter Months

Winter means less sexual activity for some, but with a little preparation and forethought, better sex can result instead. Working toward that goal is laudable.

Penis Captivus: Getting Stuck Inside a Lover

Men may dream of having their penises inside vaginas for prolonged periods of time, but when they actually get stuck, it might not be so fun. Learn more about penis captivus here.

Why Vacation Sex Is Good For Your Relationship

In the earlier stages, it can be easier for a couple to keep their sexual spark alive. As time goes on, daily life often gets in the way of intimacy. However, that does not have to be the case. Your significant other and you can spice up things in the bedroom by taking a little vacation together. Even a night or two in a local motel may be all you need to recreate that passion again.

Erection Loss: Causes and Helpful Reactions From a Partner

When a man experiences erection loss in the middle of sexual activity, either occasionally or regularly, it can be distressing both for him and his partner. The following sex tips will help partners respond in a helpful manner.

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