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Relatively Few Women Use a Vibrator to Masturbate

The sex toy industry sells vibrators to women (but men don’t need help with orgasm!) so we assume that women succeed in using them to masturbate to orgasm. Sex toys are a useful addition to a couple’s sex play: to take the pressure off a man’s erection and to provide erotic stimulation that does not necessarily lead to orgasm. But many gimmicks bought in embarrassment and ignorance are never used. Lying on her back exposes the vulva and can be a good position for a woman to offer intercourse. But orgasm is achieved by the combined stimulation of fingers, pelvic muscles and body weight on the clitoral organ. A woman uses a thrusting motion to masturbate that involves lying on her front. This is incompatible with using a vibrator.

The G-Spot Explains the Orgasms Women Think They Have

If the G-spot existed it would exist for every woman. The G-spot was discovered by researchers to counteract Kinsey and Hite’s evidence for the clitoris.

The Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde Syndrome

Did you know that male menopause is a serious illness that can lead to what is known as the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or IMS syndrome?

Homemade Sex Toys for DIY Penis Fun

Using sex toys in one’s masturbatory play can add a new dimension to one’s penis fun – but they can also be expensive. Making use of materials around the home may be an appealing alternative.

Only Some Women Think They Orgasm Through Intercourse

Only around half of women asked say that they think it is possible to orgasm through intercourse. Yet this experience defines the sexually ‘normal’ woman.

A New Key to Beard Growth?

Is Oral Sex the Key to Beard Growth? We take a look at an urban myth explored. Looking to promote beard growth? Give this a read

Period Sex: 6 Facts for Men to Know

While some couples are totally down with period sex, some men may have questions about the activity. Get answers to common questions here.

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