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Best Ways to Increase Libido and Testosterone in Men

Middle age men often suffer with a drop in their sex drive. One of the main reasons behind this is a drop in their testosterone levels. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to boost libido and testosterone in men.

Masturbation Mood: Songs About Self-Pleasuring

Masturbation is a popular entertainment option the world over, so it’s perhaps not surprising that this activity has been inspirational to a number of musical performers. Songs about self-love are not as numerous as those about romantic, profane or even brotherly love, but it’s a suitable subject for musical exploration. As such, these songs can provide an appropriate soundtrack for a man’s masturbatory activities.

Sex Fetishes: Wrestling for Sensual Pleasure

The range of sex fetishes is extensive and includes something for just about every taste. One of the more popular sex fetishes involves wrestling, either as a spectator or a participant sport. Men who enjoy this particular fetish may need to take appropriate penis care steps when engaging in it, but it can provide a worthwhile erotic thrill for many.

Sex Tips: Getting Off in the Office

Having a fling with a co-worker in the office can be exciting. A few sex tips can help ensure that a man gets the most out of the experience.

Better Sex During the Winter: Keeping the Heat Going

Many men complain (and with justification) that sexual activity declines during the winter months. Those wanting better sex during the colder times point out that it’s easier for both men and women to feel sexual when the weather is hot and sultry. Guys who have been practicing appropriate penis care all year may still find their members turning blue from both the cold and the lack of partner-based activity during the winter.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Everywhere Except the Bed

Let’s be honest… most of the time, you’re having sex in your bed, a couch, or some other bed in a hotel. But contrary to popular belief, finding an exciting “location” for the love-making is a LOT more accessible than you thought it was.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: How to Be Bad

Ever wondered why men like “bad girls” so much? Ever wonder what men consider to be a “bad girl”? Learn what it looks like inside a man’s mind.

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