How To Get Your Girlfriend To Flirt With Other Guys In Front Of You

How Do I Increase My Semen Production

Semen volume is a common concern among a lot of men. Your semen volume is influenced by your diet and lifestyle in a major way. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to boost semen production in men.

Female Arousal Is More Deeply Buried in the Subconscious

Men’s arousal stems from their sex drive (to penetrate a female). But women don’t have this drive so they need to tune into a male view of penetrative sex.

Gender Transformation

A few seconds after delivering a baby the medical practitioner is able to identify the physical orientation, behavior and gender of the newborn baby. From that moment the baby is described as either male or female, but in some unfortunate circumstances the child can be called neither due to absence of the reproductive organs or presence of both organs.

Transgender Outcomes

After making the decision to have a transformation of gender, it is clear that one has to go through the necessary procedures so as to become a complete transgender candidate. In our world today, the medical field and medical insurance companies have partnered with all major companies to provide the required medical care for the employees and individuals who require gender reassignment – transgender people.

Understanding What Works: Erotic Versus Emotional Stimuli

Orgasm involves specific (physical and psychological) erotic stimuli. Most women are talking about a relationship and emotional sensations of intercourse.

Is Your Partner a Sex Addict?

It has always been difficult to define the word “addiction” because people’s perceptions vary. Some individuals minimize or have a fixed idea that they aren’t addicted because they are still able to function fairly well. Underneath, however, they might feel that they have to hide their feelings and actions because they are worried that others will judge them or force them to get treatment that they do not believe they need.

Why Would You Want To Have a Bigger Penis?

This article is about showing you why a bigger penis won’t make you a better lover. Hint: What do you think women prefer: BIG or SLOW?

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