9 Masturbation Tips For Women


Understanding the Value of Non-Sexual Intimacy

Men & women experience intimacy in different ways. Women are reluctant to share their bodies. Men are reluctant to share their thoughts.

Men Cannot Accept That Women Are Unresponsive

Men’s emotional beliefs. Men are impervious to feedback of any kind. Men do not understand women’s emotional needs.

Why Women Do Not Orgasm From Cunnilingus

Cunnilingus parallels the male role in intercourse. Cunnilingus does not stimulate the internal organ. Cunnilingus is a male erotic turn-on.

Why Women Cannot Orgasm Through Intercourse

Women orgasm much less frequently than men do. Women need more time to orgasm than men do. Intercourse does not stimulate the clitoris.

How We Know That the Vagina Is Not a Sex Organ

Vagina is part of the birth canal & quite insensitive. The vagina cannot respond erotically being non-erectile. A cavity can always be penetrated.

How the Male and Female Sexual Roles Differ

Women only orgasm because they have a phallus. The male arousal cycle. Female orgasm is a miracle of evolution.

Why Talking About Sex From the Beginning Is a Must

As a psychotherapist I work with numerous couples that go to the workplace looking for some kind of sexual mending from long stretches of quietness and fermenting contemplations. One of my first inquiries is; what amount is sex a subject of discussion?

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