Adult Fact or Fiction!

Adult Fact or Fiction!

Male Sexual Performance and Obesity – Dropping Those Extra Pounds Can Make a Difference

Carrying around a few extra pounds may seem like no big deal, but being overweight can have unexpected consequences; it can even affect a man’s sexual performance. Here’s why.

Sex Positions That Are Comfortable With Back Pain

What can a man do when his partner’s back pain gets in the way of a healthy sex life? Introduce her to sex positions most likely to be comfortable – and enjoyable – for her.

Why Do Men Love Breasts?

Why do men love breasts? It puzzles lots of women, but it really shouldn’t. Men love women for their femininity, and what could be more feminine than breasts? If you’re still wondering why men find them so fascinating, then read on for more answers.

Sex Advice – Lighting Options for the Proud and the Shy Alike

While many men want to proudly display their penises to their partners, some partners are too shy for typical lighting. The following sex advice guides men through different lighting options to explore with partners.

Types of Condoms – Pros, Cons and Proper Use

Most people know that safe sex is important, but few are aware of how many types of condoms are out there. This guide explains different materials used in male condoms and how to properly use them.

Sex Tips – What Men Can Learn From Vibrators

Can a man’s natural tool compete with a vibrator in the bedroom? Making sure it can is a must, and these sex tips can help.

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Her Orgasm You Were Afraid to Ask

Who else finds the female orgasm a huge mystery? Are you one of the millions of men who appears pretty confident in bed, but deep down, isn’t 100% sure what’s going on with HER during sex? For example, do you worry that your girlfriend, wife or lover may be faking it just to get it over with.

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