What She’s Thinking When You Start Dating

What She's Thinking When You Start Dating

The Horrible Truth About Antidepressants

Sometimes the SSRI antidepressants work sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they can leave a lasting life-long legacy of sexual anaesthesia.

Sexual Energy – Discover The 7 Steps To Cultivating Sex Energy

Sexual energy is the most powerful human force in the universe. It can awaken our lust for life, invigorate our creativity, heal us of many ailments and help us reach great heights of sensual ecstasy… naturally.

Tantric Sex – Awaken Your Creative and Healing Powers With Tantra

When you hear the words tantric sex, what thoughts come to your mind? Perhaps you imagine lovers gazing deeply into each other’s eyes or locked in an ecstatic embrace with limbs wildly contorted. While this may accurately represent tantra as far as the Kama Sutra teaches, it is only skims the surface of what tantric sex is.

Can’t Orgasm During Intercourse? Female Anorgasmia

Not being able to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse is very common. It affects both men and women but is much more common in women. Usually these women have no difficulty in having an orgasm during masturbation.

Two Quick Tips For Increasing Fertility In Couples

When you are ready to start a family, it can sometimes seem that the results you want are not happening according to the schedule you have planned. It may help to know that for most people, from the time they decide to try for a baby, until they actually conceive, can be up to a year. This article will look at a quick tip that will help to ensure that you will get pregnant more quickly.

3 Tips on How To Get Women Into Bed Using Stories

If you want to learn how to get women into bed, you should be ready to be creative when coming up with material you can use for a conversation. Creative story telling is something anyone can do, as long as you have the humor and the daring to tell some really naughty stories.

Sex Toy Use and Why These Toys Will Never Replace You In Her Sexual Fantasies

Few things scare men more than the idea that they could be replaced. It is this very fear that keeps a lot of men away from using sex toys in the bedroom- they have this terrifying image that the piece of machinery could soon replace them as the source of their girlfriend’s sexual pleasure. In fact the opposite is true, providing that guys know exactly what to do, sex toys actually make it less likely that they will be replaced.

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