What Can The Kinsey Scale Say About My Sex Life?

What Can The Kinsey Scale Say About My Sex Life?

Do You Want An Orgasm? Then Read On Women

Every woman in a sexual relationship dreams of reaching orgasm but very few fulfil this dream. I will tell you how to achieve this.

The Sex Contract: Every Couple Has One!

Did you know that all couples have a sex contract? The sex contract may be openly negotiated and settled, or it may be entirely secret from both partners. What is a sex contract?

Sex Myths – Busted! Vaginal Dryness Occurs With Only the Post-Menopausal?

This belief that only post-menopausal women experience vaginal dryness is a misconception. Younger women need to be informed that vaginal dryness can occur at any age, and does occur for many reasons, and surely can occur in a pre, peri- or post-menopausal woman.

How to Please Your Husband in Bed

Lovemaking is an important part of every marriage and couples must satisfy each other to make their sex life more exciting and fulfilling. Men love sex that is a fact and if you know how to please your man in bed, your marriage will be more lively, interesting and exciting. Satisfying your man in bed makes him more addicted to you and makes him want to go home to see you. Do you have problems satisfying your husband in bed? If your sex life is getting dull and you are worried on how to please your husband in bed, the following tips can be very helpful.

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Women Are Unable to Orgasm

It can be really frustrating to see that your woman can’t get into the climax during lovemaking and it makes you think something is wrong with you. Men often feel inadequate when they failed to bring their woman to orgasm. There are reasons why most women are unable to orgasm during lovemaking. Do not beat yourself up and do not feel bad about this because once you figure out why most women are unable to orgasm during lovemaking, things will get better. So what are the reasons why women find it hard to orgasm?

Pleasing Your Man in Bed – Tips Women Should Know

Although men are known to please women more in bed, they do not have to be in charge all the time and women have to do their part too. Pleasing your man in bed is something you should know to keep a long-lasting relationship. Men want women who know how to satisfy them in bed. The following tips can be very helpful to please your man in bed.

5 Tips Christian Couples Should Use for Better Sex

Christian couples should be having great sex. Here are 5 tips Christian couples can use for guaranteed better sex.

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