Is Your Erectile Dysfunction “Real” or “Imagined”?

Is Your Erectile Dysfunction "Real" or "Imagined"?

The Truths About Sex In A Relationship

Almost everyone admits that after 10 years of marriage, trying to stay passionate to each other is never easy. No one can always act adoring or keep up an air of mystery while sharing the same space with his or her spouse year after year. Here are the truths about sex for most married couples.

How to Improve Premature Ejaculation – What Most Men Don’t Know!

For many men who cannot last long enough is bed to satisfy their partner, learning how to improve premature ejaculation is an important part of becoming a better lover. The first thing to understand is that you are not alone. Learn how to improve premature ejaculation and sexual stamina by following three simple steps.

Sexual Health: 3 Foods That Can Jeopardize Your Relationship

Has your relationship grown stale or stagnant? Are you failing to connect with your loved one as deeply or meaningfully as you once did? Help is closer than you might think, and in an unexpected place: the kitchen! Today, I’ll talk about the top 3 foods to avoid if you want to create a healthier, more loving relationship.

If I Am Not Able To Have An Orgasm, Am I Normal?

Some societies treat sex as a taboo topic. Such attitude tends to inhibit any open discussion on sexual matters. This can be so stifling that it prevents women from having enough knowledge to improve their sex lives. So, what are the things that most women are keen to know about regarding sexual matters?

Secrets To A Breast Massage Stimulation Orgasm That Will Have Your Woman Wanting A Lot More Sex!

Guys do not realise that if they spend a lot of time in breast foreplay stimulation, their woman can have a breast orgasm. Most men and women use some form of breast massage in foreplay and pleasure. Breast massage is used to firm the breasts and to check for any health issues, it can also be used for sexual arousal.

Make a Woman Cum, Step by Step Instructions – Guaranteed to Work

Here are step by step instructions to make a woman cum. It is quite easy when you know how, and of course it is a skill worth knowing! If you follow the instructions and don’t rush, you will make her cum for sure.

Know the Basic Sex Positions

Sex has and probably always will be a taboo subject; however it is entirely natural and is something that the large majority of us will experience at some point in our lives. Obviously each sexual experience that you have will be unique, but there are some basic sexual positions that are accepted as being the ‘industry standard’. Some of these will be discussed in this article but first there is a small warning.

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