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Anal Sex Safety Tips for the Adventurous Couple

The number of couples engaging in anal sex is definitely on the rise. Couples should practice appropriate safety tips to avoid both anal pain and a sore penis.

Sociopaths, Pedophiles and False Accusations

In recent decades it has been fashionable to loosely throw around terms such as “sociopath” to label the people whom one dislikes. This trend has reached far greater proportions than it ever deserved to have. If someone as kind and compassionate as my mother could get accused of being a psychopath, then who on earth is safe from these false accusations?

Swinging With Jealousy

You know what I love about the life style: the depth of communication couples must have to make it work. You know what I hate about the life style, sometimes it’s hard to communicate what you’re feeling especially if it’s an icky feeling like the little green monster, jealousy. But jealousy is going to happen.

Where Can Christians Get Good Sex Tips?

This can be a sticky subject for Christians to discuss, so it is very important to find some good Christian sex outlets which are both tasteful and extremely useful. Here are some excellent options for finding ways to improve your sex life as Christians.

Ways to Increase Testosterone and Raise Libido in Men

Testosterone is the hormone that controls libido in men. Most men lose their desire to have sex as they get older because of a drop in their testosterone levels. This article lists some of the best ways to boost testosterone and libido in men naturally and safely.

4 Tips for Better Christian Sex!

Here are some excellent tips for better Christian sex. Learn what you need to know in order for an amazing sex life to be had!

I’m Obsessed With Wondering How The Sex Was Between My Cheating Spouse And The Other Person

“Honestly, it is not like my husband to want to start a new relationship. I would not have pegged him of all people as a cheater. He has a hard time forging relationships with anyone. He’s very much an introvert. And for the most part, I have always been his closest friend. So the only reason that I can figure he cheated is for the sex. And I’d suspect the sex must have been pretty good because by nature my husband is not a risk taker. I have been flirting with the idea of asking him what was so great about the sex. Because I really want to know. But I’m honestly scared that he will start to tell me how wonderful it was and go in graphic detail. I know that this would be very painful. But I feel like I have to know what I am dealing with. Should I ask him if the sex was all that great?”

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