Not Only Do Women Have a Much Lower Sex Drive Than Men But They Are Also Much Less Easily Aroused

Women naturally have a lower sex drive which is why few women can talk confidently about orgasm. Some may be full of bravado but women are not aroused (as men are) by talking about sex. Many women (of any age) are happy to acknowledge a dislike of explicit sexual references. Most women think of sex in connection with a romance and ultimately a loving relationship. Shere Hite’s findings were (1) 82% of Hite’s sample said that they could masturbate to orgasm when alone (2) 44% said they could orgasm by using manual stimulation of the clitoris with a partner & (3) 42% said they could orgasm through oral stimulation of the clitoris by a partner.

How Do Men and Women Differ Over Paying for Sex and Aspiring to Marry?

Even men look for emotional rewards over the longer-term. If men just wanted sex they would never marry. Sex can be more personal and emotionally rewarding when part of a relationship. A man hopes to share physical intimacy with a partner throughout his life.

What Makes a Person Sexual?

A person’s enjoyment of sexual pleasure will always depend to some degree on their enthusiasm for eroticism and their enjoyment of fantasies, their curiosity to learn about their own sexual responses and their adventurousness in exploring a sexual relationship with a lover. Alfred Kinsey wrote in 1953: “Many males, projecting their own experience, are inclined to overestimate the incidences and frequencies of masturbation among females. For the same reason, they poorly understand the techniques by which females masturbate, the anatomy which may be involved,… and the part which fantasy plays in her masturbation.”

Sexual Motivation and the Importance of Orgasm

Sexual pleasure can be enjoyed in a variety of social & emotional environments. When alone there are the rewards of self stimulation and enjoying sexual fantasies alone. As a couple a person enjoys the rewards of emotional and physical intimacy with a partner. Within a group or social environment there are the rewards of flirtation, exhibitionism, bravado and promiscuity. Women are certainly capable of orgasm but there are significant differences between male and female sexuality relating to levels of sex drive, ease of arousal and the importance of orgasm.

Do Men and Women Enjoy Sexual Pleasure in the Same Way or in Quite Different Ways?

The main focus of my work is discussing how women orgasm during sex. This article presents another perspective by illustrating how many women approach sex solely through a loving relationship rather than in the more explicit terms that men do. This explains why even though sex is not usually intended to lead to pregnancy, for most couples ‘marital sex’ in particular, continues to be defined by intercourse.

How to Sexually Arouse Your Spouse Through the 5 Senses

One way or the other, all human senses contribute to sexual drive. The sex secrets offered here can help anyone to appreciate and maximize the power of the senses for initiating sexual attraction between couples.

Female Sex-Drive – Why Your Woman Never Wants To Make Love To You (Important Reading For Every Man)

Discover secrets about the female SEX-DRIVE that most men will never know. If your woman doesn’t want to have sex with you as often as you’d like — you’ll find out why in this article. And of course — you’ll find out how to keep your woman’s libido sky-high…

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