Stop Early Ejaculation Fast With These Great Tips for Longer Lasting Sex

Women are no longer happy with one way sex, they rightly expect to get something out of it. So to please a woman in bed you really need to know how to stop early ejaculation. This article will show you 2 ways of lasting longer during sex and improving your sexual stamina.

How to Give Women G-Spot Orgasms That Will Blow Her Mind

The fabled G-Spot is much talked about by men as being a thing that when stimulated unleashes massive, even squirting orgasms in women. Trouble is that not many men out there know how to give women G-Spot orgasms. This article will tell you exactly where this super sensitive zone is and exactly how to stimulate it.

The Art of Fellatio – 3 Great Fellatio Tips

You must have heard the phrase “the art of fellatio” and maybe thought how is it an art it’s just sucking a guy’s penis. Well if you think like that then the chances are that you are not very good at fellatio. Fellatio is indeed an art and one that when performed well can send your man to new heights in pleasure.

Cunnilingus Tips That Will Make Your Woman Sexually Addicted to You

To keep a woman interested in the bedroom can be tricky but there is something that when done properly will give her orgasms every time. That thing is cunnilingus and it is statistically proven to be the best way to make your woman reach a climax. In fact over 80% of women say that they fake orgasm or do not have them at all from penetration.

How to Give a Great Blow Job

Whether you have just fallen for someone and want to blow his mind or you just want to give your husband the best night ever then learning how to give a great blow job will do the trick. A great blow job differs from a normal one because it will be remembered and talked about forever and not forgotten in minutes. Here are 3 easy ways to make fellatio great.

Best Vaginal Moisturizers

What are the Best Vaginal Moisturizers? What are best best vaginal moisturizers? The answer depends upon whether the woman is trying to conceive, or is just having intercourse recreationally.

How To Delay Ejaculation And Have Great Sex

How to delay ejaculation, have better sex and make her adore your performance in the bedroom. These natural techniques actually work.

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