AE @ Miami Exxxotica 2021: Pornstar Interviews Part 2

AE @ Miami Exxxotica 2021: Pornstar Interviews Part 2

Contraceptives – Shopping Guidelines for First-Time Buyers

Keeping in tune with the increasing awareness among people about the need for safe sex, companies offering contraceptive techniques, specifically for men, are coming up with new products. The materials and designs incorporated in these methods are also consistently altered to be of use to more number of men.

Is Partner Dance Sexist?

A number of people have troubles with partner dancing. The nature of it makes them think that it is sexist. This article talks about the nature of dance and how some might think it is while others do not.

How Important Is Penis Size to You? Self Hypnosis for Penis Enhancement!

Penis size can affect your confidence levels as much as it affects your woman’s attraction to you. While there would be many products claiming to help you increase your penis size, the only true methods to achieve greater penis size would be, penis exercises and self hypnosis. Self hypnosis is a powerful tool that can help you create in your life whatever you desire! It is a safe, effective method that when used along with penis exercises will give you lasting results! Don’t waste another cent on worthless products that not only fail to deliver results but also put your health on risk.

How to Repair a Broken Relationship for a Sex Addict Through Polygraph

A new use of a tried and true polygraph technique that has long been used on convicted sexual offenders can now be used on compulsive sex addicts, who have ruined their relationships. This technique called a total disclosure test is used to test the sex addict’s truthfulness regarding their past indiscretions in their relationship. Once this complete disclosure is accomplished the sex addict through periodic Polygraph tests,coupled with counseling, can work toward riding themselves of the addiction.

Debunking Common Masturbation Myths – Top Questions About Self-Stimulation Answered

In spite of more liberal views toward human sexuality, a large number of younger men have questions about masturbation that often go unanswered. This article takes a look at some common masturbation myths and facts.

Our Biological Motivation to Achieve Orgasm

Our understanding of human sexuality should reconcile to the very evident differences in the sexual behaviours of the male and female in other species. Female orgasm and sexual arousal are both much more difficult to establish than male because of the much less evident physical evidence.

Sore Penis Q and A – Understanding Common Penis Problems

A sore penis may be nothing serious, but it can cause a great deal of concern and disrupt a man’s daily activity. Identifying the underlying problem is the first step to soothing an aching member.

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