Pornstar Briana Banks on MILFs

Sex Toys for Beginners – Spice Things Up

Sex toys can’t take the place of a firmly erect penis, but they can be a pleasant addition to a couple’s sexual activities. As long as some common-sense guidelines are followed, they can provide pleasure for men as well as women.

The Healthy Penis and Naked Yoga

Overall exercise helps to keep a healthy penis in shape. Some men may be interested in exploring naked yoga as one interesting exercise possibility.

Weak Erections – 6 Natural Ways to Stiffen Up

Weak erections put a real damper on both solo and partner play. Learn natural ways to combat erectile problems here.

Penis Shape and Prime Sex Positions

Finding the right sex positions can be great fun for a couple – or it can be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. There are many factors that need to be considered when trying to determine sex positions that are the right fit for a couple; penis shape is one such factor (and not forgetting that penis health also may have an impact on the ultimate choice). Shape, Not Size Penis size is a subject about which there is endless discussion; penis shape, not so much.

Sex Positions – 6 New Ways to Please a Lover

Whether things are getting a little stale in the bedroom or a man is just looking for new experiences, experimenting with sex positions can be a real treat. One of the nicer things a man can do for his lover, aside from following a penis care regimen that keeps the rod smooth and supple, is to surprise her with some tantalizing new tricks. The following sex positions have unique benefits for both partners and can contribute to a more exciting sex life.

How to Make a Woman Climax: 3 Things Worth Knowing About Her Orgasm

Q: What is the easiest way to make a woman orgasm? Is sexual intercourse as pleasurable for her as it is for me? How often do women FAKE orgasms.

No Sex in Your Relationship? Discover Why!

Does your relationship suffer from a lack of sex? Aside from the problems of premature ejaculation, impotence, and lack of orgasm — which can often be handled through sexual therapy and education — I have found that there are two common sexual problems in committed relationships: 1.) Using sex addictively 2.

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