Should Guys Groom Your Genitals #shorts

Should Guys Groom Your Genitals #shorts

How To Increase Sexual Performance: The Horny Man’s Holy Grail

Are you trying to find ways on how to increase sexual performance? Men’s sexual stamina is heavily dependent on diet and mental issues.

How to Talk Dirty to a Guy – How to Blow His Mind Tonight

Learning how to talk dirty to a guy is a powerful tool to make just about any guys head spin and get him weak at the knees. For those women out there that have mastered the art of talking dirty, I don’t need to tell you about the true power of words and how you can make him melt within seconds.

How to Talk Dirty to a Woman – Making Her Scream

If you need some basic tips and ideas to learn how to talk dirty to a woman and delivery hot and irresistible dirty talk then this article is for you. One thing you need to know before we get started is that you need to have an open mind and chances are you will need to push yourself outside your comfort zone.

McDonald’s Sex – What Type Are You?

Is your sex life like McDonald’s? Filling, but full of empty calories? Satisfying, but nothing special?

Permanent Orgasm Denial for Men: Pros and Cons

Permanent orgasm denial has to be one of the most common fantasies held by men who crave male chastity. On the face of it, you’d think it was both rare and the preserve of only the kinkiest of extreme fetishists. And while that’s a natural and perhaps even obvious conclusion… it’s also wrong. In this article I share with you three upsides and three downsides of permanent orgasm denial. By the time you’ve read it, I think you’ll understand the attraction of it, for both men and women, a little more.

How To Cum More And More

Ejaculating more is often associated with manliness and masculinity. If you don’t cum enough, you can learn how to change that and cum a lot more.

Choosing Your First Vibrator

Looking to purchase your first vibrator? Small vibrators and bullet vibrators are often a good starting point. Read on to find out what you should be looking for.

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