Why Mutual Masturbation is Underrated!!

Why Mutual Masturbation is Underrated!!

Sex Tips: Why Do You Need These?

Sex tips help you to improvise your sex life. It helps you to bring pleasure to your relationship and satisfy your partner.

Sex During Pregnancy – The Myths Exposed

Having trouble deciding how best to enjoy sex during pregnancy? Get the facts about lovemaking during pregnancy from a couple who are both sexual counselors and parents.

Decreased Sex Drive in Married Women

You begin to notice that you are not interested in having sex with your husband as frequently as before or the thought of having sex at all is unappealing. Your sex drive seems to be decreasing and you are unsure as to why this is happening.

Lack Of Libido – Low Desire And Detox Methods To Increase Sex Drive

Having a lack of libido can have a severe dampening effect on your life. Your happiness, motivation, enjoyment and vitality can all suffer and have a negative impact on other areas of your life. Sometimes, we don’t even know why this is.

Tips On Having Great Tantra Sex

When it comes to tantric sex, the setting and atmosphere is very important. Remember that you are setting the stage for nothing less than an act of spiritual worship. To do justice to this, you need to set aside an appropriate space for sexual intimacy in your home. This area should be comfortable, functionally yet adequately furnished, softly lit and have a relaxing atmosphere.

Learn How to Bring Your Ejaculation Under Control

In case you have been having trouble in bed, then you can be certain that it is very important that you correct the situation. More and more relationships are breaking up on account of the fact that the sex is not as good as both parties expected.

Do You Have an Early Ejaculation Problem?

Premature ejaculation affects over 40% of all American men at least once in their lifetime. For some of these men, this is a constant and nightly occurrence and can be embarrassing, not to mention it can poison an otherwise healthy relationship. If you have an early ejaculation problem, this article will offer some solutions as well as identify the major causes of it.

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