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How a Penis Health Creme Can Turn a Sluggish Sex Life Around

Men who are experiencing an unexpected slow-down in the bedroom may need to look no further than their penis for a solution. Here’s how a penis health creme can put the sizzle back in a man’s sex life.

Seven Secrets to Style’s Success

How did Neil Strauss, a.k.a Style and author of the NY Times best-selling book “The Game,” get so successful in the game?

The Clitoris Is Stimulated Until Climax But No More

Men naturally focus on the vagina given their sex drive to penetrate a lover. However (if they want to experience orgasm) women need continual clitoral stimulation up until the point of climax (but no longer).

After the Orgasm: Nurturing Intimacy After Sex

Too many couples fail to use sex to nurture intimacy after sex is finished. Discover how this missed opportunity can make the benefits of sex last beyond the orgasm.

Blurs of Pleasure! (No, I Don’t Mean Orgasms)

I personally believe that, after the wedding, most men only search about orgasms; giving wife an orgasm becomes the prime goal of their lives, since they believe that only orgasm can keep their wife happy… And, they’re right about it. I’m not differing with this thing, of course.

Penis Rings – Man’s Best Friend – Or Worst Enemy

A penis ring is more than a piece of junk jewelry. It can keep a man’s penis long and strong. But it may also cause damage if used improperly.

5 Myths About Low Sexual Desire in Men

What do you know about low sexual desire in men? There are lots of myths around about what causes this sometimes very frustrating problem, but few people know the truth about low sexual desire in men. Check your own knowledge against the facts below.

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