What Are The 3 CRUCIAL Guidelines To Follow In Order To Grow A Thicker Penis?

Want to pack a thick penis? Want to also improve your overall penis size? How about even improving the overall health of your manhood as well? Read on to see how…

Should a Woman Stay Faithful to a Man That Cannot Make Her Have an Orgasm? Ladies What Do You Think?

Oh Oh people! This is a juicy topic. The question is should a woman stay faithful to a man that cannot give her have an orgasm? This is a touchy issue because so many women… 71% in fact have claimed to never have had an orgasm. Many others claim that they have had one but it was only due to their own efforts and not that of their man’s. With so much infidelity in the world you have to wonder about such things. Would you stay faithful to a man who cannot please you sexually?

The Female Orgasm – The Myths Behind Multi-Orgasmic Women

There has been a lot of myths circulating through the media, internet and society in general about the multi-orgasmic women. Is it true that women can have multiple orgasms or is that just a guy thing? Well ladies, after doing quite a bit of research and experimenting, it seems that a woman is capable of having 11 different types of orgasms. That’s sounds a bit crazy but read on…

Hot Sex – 9 Tips to Hot Sex

When it comes to love making, every woman wants to be sure that they are the ultimate sex symbol in their man’s eyes. The unfortunate truth however, is that not every woman feels this way. Somewhere along the line, you just lost your.

No Sex in Your Marriage? The Problem Isn’t That She Doesn’t’ Like Sex, The Real Problem Is YOU!

Ok guys beat me up for this article, but the only way to solve a problem is to first know the truth and sometimes the truth sucks! Women love sex just as much as men do, but some women tend to be more secretive about it. Women love romance novels. They love 50 shades of this and 50 shades of that. Women fantasize all the time. A well-known comedian said that “your woman is freakier than you give her credit for”. The problem is she is looking for someone to bring that wild side out of her. Why do you think some girls like bad guys? The bad guys appear to be risky and on the edge. They are ready for whatever and anytime?

Raise Beautiful Children! Divorcing Spirituality From Ethics

You have no idea how powerful an effect you have on your children. Raise them to be free of drama, unnecessary grief and shame.

How To Make Sex Her Idea And Get Her Begging For It

If you’ve got a woman begging you for sex, you’ve done pretty good. In this article, you’ll learn how to do that.

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