13 Foreplay Ideas You’ll Be Dying to Try

13 Foreplay Ideas You’ll Be Dying to Try

Does She Want to Be Dominated? 2 Female Sex Fantasies That You Really Ought to Explore

How do women feel about sexual domination? Is it a turn on? A turn off?

There Should Be Long And Enduring Sexual Relationships Between Loving Couples.

Matters that touch “on the area below the waist”, as Japanese say, should better be left unsaid and so on. However, people obsessed by sexuality often complain that sex is a “perverse little devil”, and that the minute you ignore it, it has a serious temper tantrum and tries everything in the book to get your attention; unless of course, according to them, you suffer from a sex sickness – or that you are sick of sex.

How to Satisfy Her Sexual Fantasies – 3 Sex Fetishes Many Women Want to Try

What do women REALLY want in bed? Do all girls fantasize about the same things? And do women even fantasize about sex at ALL?

Women Have Sex for Emotional (Not Erotic) Reasons

Women can easily confuse the emotional and sensual sensations of intercourse with orgasm. But orgasm relies on explicitly adult themes not a loving relationship.

Enjoying Oral Sex – Foods to Use With a Partner

Oral sex is a turn-on for a man, but a dry penis is not especially appetizing for the one performing fellatio. Adding flavorful foods can make the experience enjoyable for both.

Dry Penis Emergency Care – 7 Lubricants to Avoid at All Costs

Sex with a dry penis should be avoided, but not just anything can be used in an emergency situation. Care must be taken to select lubrication that does not cause irritation.

Too Much Masturbation – Moving From Curious to Compulsive

Even though masturbation is a private matter, many men wonder if their habits can be considered healthy. Learn where to draw the line between normal behavior and too much masturbation.

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