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Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Main Event

Playfulness brings a lot of fun and lightheartedness to a relationship. And when you incorporate the same playfulness to your sexual encounters, you end up having some of the best sex of your life. Here’s an easy way to get playful.

The Most Reliable Sex Technique for Clitoral Orgasm

The clitoris may be the most sensitive part of a woman’s anatomy when it comes to sex but for a beginner, being able to stimulate it correctly to give a woman an orgasm can be a frustrating experience, and vague details given in sex manuals don’t help. The Welcomed Method is regarded by many to be the most reliable way to help a woman to achieve a clitoral orgasm.

Better Sex With These 5 Exercises for Men

Exercise is beneficial to several areas of one’s life, including sex. Learn the best exercises for better sex.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Lingerie Parfait

There is nothing more erotic than a visual presentation of sexuality done well – lighting perfect, clothing suggestive, and the couple excited about one another. Tonight… you create the perfect presentation.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Angel With a Lariat

The quickie is the equivalent of inspiration, and you should let it strike in lightning fashion, any time and almost anywhere, from bed in the middle of the night to halfway up a spiral stair. Anywhere that you’re suddenly alone and the inspiration is bilateral.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The Game Changer

Good sex can make you look at life through a whole new set of eyes. Good sex makes you appreciate life and everything that it brings. Tonight, you’re going to have the kind of good sex that will change your world forever.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Don’t Beat Around the Bush

More men than you would believe thrive on a slight sense of danger. The way they transfer this to their sex lives is by picking some of the most amazing places for sexual adventures. And today, location is the name of the game.

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