Pornstar Fast Facts- Nicole Doshi

Pornstar Fast Facts- Nicole Doshi

How to Stay Hard Longer – Causes of Premature Ejaculation

This article is about how to stay hard longer, this problem is also called Premature Ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a serious problem that most men have suffered from, whether they want to admit it or not. Some studies have shown that 30% to 70% of men at some time in their lives have suffered from PE.

Three Kiss Tips for Men That Can Help Establish Confidence

Kissing is not always easy for men, however these few kiss tips will hopefully help. Be prepared to change your style a bit.

Just Why You Should NOT Try Swinging

Here are my top 4 reasons NOT to become a Swinger. Now if none of these reasons are on your list, then that is great. Swinging may be for you. Allow me help you with that decision.

The Perfect Gift Ideas For 2011 Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day is another sweet day for you two. Have you ever decided the valentine’s gifts for him? In this article there are some suggestions and I hope they would be helpful.

His Health Is Affecting Our Sex Life

His health is affecting our sex life. Okay, so my SO chooses to eat badly, drink everything but water, stay up late and sleep in when he feels like it.

What Is Texting? What Is Sexting?

Once upon a time if you wanted to ask a girl out you would make your intentions clear to her and her family by informing them by letter. If you wanted a second date you would ask again in letter form or approach the young lady’s father and ask for permission.

Sexual Attraction – Can Our Musical Preferences Affect Our Sexual Attractiveness?

Peoples individual musical preferences reveal a lot about themselves and do affect the sexual attractiveness. However, the forces at work are not the same for men as for women.

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