How To Understand The Female Mind with Alison Armstrong

Things I’ve Never Done – Part 3

Another in a series, exploring the theme of “Things That I Have Never Done.” This one explores the topic of sex and the love-starved young male.

Becoming Free From Kama (Sexual Desire)

Let me start by saying that sexual energy is pure creative energy, as is channeled to create – to procreate – new life. Both sexual energy and sexual desire are central to not only our survival, but also our expression as creative beings. Yet our relationship with this energy, and the desire it heralds, is usually less about creativity and more about personal pleasure.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Men and Women

When men are in an environment devoid of women, they typically experience low arousal. So a woman’s presence is a sexual catalyst for a man’s ‘sex drive’.

Sex Tips for Pursuing a Threesome

Many couples are interested in experimenting with new and exciting activities, such as the famed threesome. The following sex tips will help make the experience go as smoothly as possible.

Sex Tip: Date Night Masturbation

A popular sex tip suggests masturbation should be part of a guy’s pre-date routine in order to make the evening more enjoyable (or endurable). But there are pros and cons to this approach.

Masturbation Vacation: Taking a Break From Solo Sex

Naturally, men enjoy masturbation, for obvious reasons. Sometimes, however, a man may want (or need) to take a little vacation from masturbating for health or other reasons.

The Male ‘Arousal Cycle’ From Erection To Ejaculation

Male sexuality involves easy arousal and high speeds to ejaculation. Men typically take a delight in all the physical details of their sexual arousal cycle.

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