How To Stop Being The Nice Guy In A Relationship

How To Stop Being The Nice Guy In A Relationship

Feeling Sexy In Your Own Skin

What does it mean to feel sexy? Designers create racy styles intended to arouse erotic emotions; fragrance manufacturers’ use marketing strategies that inspire feelings of sensuality all intended to make you feel sexy. So it that what it means? Sexy isn’t a temporary emotion that lasts for an evening; it is an attitude that can last for a lifetime.

Sex and Sadness: Postcoital Dysphoria, a Common Phenomenon

A growing body of research suggests that sadness after sex, also known as postcoital dysphoria, may be a widespread phenomenon. Learn about theories into the condition, and steps one can take to manage it.

Better Sex Tips: Is She Faking an Orgasm?

For men, achieving orgasm during sexual activity is generally easy. But what happens when a partner fakes that release? Can better sex bring about more authentic pleasure for her?

The Conscious and Subconscious Components of Sexuality

Our sexuality includes emotional, sexual and intellectual aspects. The more responsive (with a creative imagination) enjoy fantasies more than others.

The Happy Penis in Autumn: Sex Tips for the Fall

Sex tips that make a happy penis are always welcome, and sometimes those tips are seasonal. With autumn in full session now, it’s good for a guy to keep certain tips in mind.

Sex Facts: Research Into Men’s and Women’s Experiences

There’s plenty of research out there about sex, and men would do well to keep apprised. The following sex facts delve into discrepancies between men’s and women’s sexual experiences, and may help to improve things in the bedroom.

Sexual Health Tips for a Long-Distance Relationship: Telling Her a Story

Maintaining sexual health in a long-distance relationship can be tricky. But there are several things a man can do to give his lady lover pleasure from afar.

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