How To Make Your Woman Wet

Sexy Gifts: Stuff Her Stocking Right

Sometimes couples fall into stale gift-giving routines. Change the tune this year by stuffing her stocking with sexy gifts.

Masturbation Mix: Variety in Solo Play

The old saying that variety is the spice of life has a lot of truth in it – even when it comes to masturbation. For most men, solo play is a regular part of their lives. Sure, it’s undeniably fun and stands up to repetition far better than most activities.

Safe Sex Made Sexy: Condom Foreplay

It’s no secret that safe sex is important, but for some men, putting on a condom can disrupt sexy time to the point of causing erectile difficulties. The following are ways for couples to incorporate condom application into foreplay.

Safe Sex: Getting the Right Condom Size

Safe sex involves more than wearing a rubber; it requires that men pay attention to condom size. Learn more here.

‘Sexting’: A New Crisis for Relationships?

‘Sexting’ is taking the world by storm according to researchers and can actually enhance relationships. However, when ‘sexting’ is used as a tool to find excitement outside of a monogamous relationship, that is where a troubled partnership can find itself in a negative spiral.

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man in Bed

Some women have no probably talking dirty to their man about their deepest and darkest fantasies, without feeling uncomfortable about it. Unlike other women, they just need a bit more encouragement to feel comfortable in these situations.

Better Sex With Humming, and Other Oral Tricks

There are many ways to achieve the goal of better sex. Where oral-based activity is concerned, many men find that humming and other techniques feel especially blissful.

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