Elegant Not Strangled

Okay, I know most men don’t like wearing neckties and bows except during desperate times (job interviews, meeting your girlfriend’s folks, your wedding). But admit it, neckties and bows add a certain elegant appeal to your get up. Sometimes, you even catch yourself saying, “Bond.. James Bond”. Though ties make you think that your girlfriend is a sadist (Hon, you look dashing when you can’t breathe..), you have to admit that she’s right. You do look good in ties. Besides, it’s not so bad since there are many tie styles to choose from. Aside from making you choke and look good, ties also offer a subtle way to change your look. Though learning how to choose good tie material is important, learning which tie style looks best with a certain shirt or proper occasion is key.

Nowadays, there are four tie styles commonly in use. There is the four-in-hand, half-Windsor, Windsor and Pratt knot. The three mentioned first are the classic knots. They have been choking, I mean adorning men’s necks years and decades before. Pratt knot is a recent tie style having been around only since 1989. Of course, talking about tie styles are not complete unless we talk about the disadvantages and advantages of these styles of neckties and bows. The four-in-hand style is the best style for those only starting to wear ties. For one, they are easily mastered and suit almost all occasion. However, they are suited best for shirts with narrow collars since they are asymetric and would look sloppy with wide collars. Half windsor style knot is more difficult to tie. They do suit most occasions and shirt styles because of their symmetry and formal look. Windsor knots are best for formal occasions. This is a wide tie style and is best for shirts with white collars. Conversely, they would look over the top and improper with narrow collars. The more modern Pratt knott is the most versatile tie style. This is not too wide nor narrow and suits every shirt style. It can also be used for occasions. Plus, it also gives you a neat and polished look without sacrificing a relaxed vibe. However, for more formal occasions (weddings, high society affairs) a bow tie is preferred.

Quit whining when presented with neckties and bows. With a variety of styles to choose from, you could always choose the one you’re most comfortable with. You’ll feel good, fashionable, and most of all distinguished. After all, it is better to feel choked than look and appear sloppy.

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