Foreplay Tips That Will Blow Your Mind

The issue of what to do during the foreplay that will take you to a very blissful sexual occasion is not always about what a man feel is good to do. Most time, it is about what the woman feel in that situation. Let her decide the phase at which you both are going to move.

Are You Satisfying Her or Is She Faking It? How to Know For Sure

Men sometimes work very hard to try and please their women in the bedroom. Some give it all they have but their women fake their orgasms. This is a concern shared by thousands of men. A man doesn’t like to think that his woman is faking it, but sometimes it’s hard to tell. Well, guys, now you can know for sure if it’s real or not. Read on to find out.

Make Woman Come – Tips For Making Her Reach Climax

When making love to a woman, you should always remember to treat her right and lovingly. To make woman come, you must know of the things that can make her satisfied with your caressing affection for her.

Unlocking The Gates Of Lasting Longer In Bed Through Masturbation

Masturbation has many benefits. It not only helps a man to reduce the risks of having prostate cancer but it also can boost a man’s immunity, make his erections harder and also improve his general mood which is good for improving his ability to manage stress. This makes masturbation a central part of a healthy lifestyle and one which any man who wishes to have a better life should embrace. Masturbation is also great when it comes to improving the sexual performance of a man given that it can be used as a vehicle to better sexual awareness and thus making it the key to lasting longer in bed. The following are sex tips on how you can last longer in bed using masturbation that you should definitely apply if you want to have better sex.

Strategic Masturbation For Lasting Longer In Bed, Better Health And Better Sex

While some people may be ashamed of masturbating, studies show that this needn’t be so. This is because masturbation has a lot of benefits most of which help a man to not only enjoy better sex but also better health. As such, in addition to eating healthy meals composed of a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, you can also add masturbation as part of your healthy lifestyle. This is not just a myth or an unfounded sex tip because there are studies which confirm that this is a fact. Here are reasons why you should consider increasing your masturbating sessions. If you haven’t yet started, the following are reasons why you should consider including masturbation as part of your daily routine with the aim of boosting your health and sex life.

Let’s Talk About Sex – Reconnecting As Partners

Sexuality can be one of the most difficult topics to talk about in a relationship. This article will give you some ideas for addressing issues around sexuality in your relationships in a way that increases your comfort and increase your sense of freedom.

What To Do: Getting Away With Early Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is something that happens even to people who are veterans when it comes to lasting longer in bed. It is not a disease. It is just something that happens on a bad day. The difference is that some people have more bad days than others and since there are ways to prevent early ejaculation, it should not be something that haunts you for the rest of your life. If you fail to last long in bed, there are things which you can do and some which you shouldn’t do if you want to get away with your quick orgasm.

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