Is Masturbation Good For You?

Stopping Premature Ejaculation – Are You Making These Mistakes?

Stopping premature ejaculation need not be just a dream. While it is important to work on the remedies for premature ejaculation, you must also know what NOT to do and mistakes to avoid in solving this problem.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dirty Talk in Bed

Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Do you know how to talk dirty? Perhaps you need a few pointers to do it right. This article will give you a few pointers, tips and ideas to spice up your sex life and make you great in bed.

Choosing the Right Condom

So the time has come, now is the big day, you’re going to score tonight! But did you remember to bring the most important security feature around? Of course we both know what that is, it’s obviously the condom.

Sex Appeal in Middle-Aged Women

Sex appeal in middle-aged women increases as we age. This article helps us increase confidence and build self-esteem in ourselves as sexual beings. It provides problem-solving tips related to hormone challenges.

Learn Why and How to Talk Dirty to Men

Sexuality is the most intimate form of body language we can experience with our partners and ourselves. But when we combine the physically erotic with verbal enticements, we’re able to touch our lovers on a new level. A wanton text message or whisper can arouse memories and anticipation far beyond normal conversation, all the while building a deep romantic bond.

Waiting for Good – Sex

There is no such rule for mastering the art of dating. You just have to keep in mind that dating is all about building a base for a possible future together.

The Sexual Positions You Should Be Doing!

I think of missionary like steak. Steak is nice and fulfilling but I don’t want to eat steak all the time. I like to eat chicken too. I also like sides along with my steak. The same goes with my sexual positions

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