Why You Should Not Compromise In A Relationship #shorts

Why You Should Not Compromise In A Relationship #shorts

First Kiss Techniques

A great first kiss is a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Take good advice to make the kiss unforgettable.

The Effects Of Drugs And Medication On Sex And Libido

Mixing drugs and sex can be risky for both men and women, but especially for men. While it may seem to be pleasurable to start with, the long-term consequences of drugs and sex can cause problems that take a long time to overcome. Here, we discuss the risks of recreational drugs and libido.

Guys, Don’t Overlook the Importance of Foreplay

Foreplay isn’t nuclear physics, but it is an essential part of your relationship’s sexual health and even though there will be plenty of occasions where you and your partner are feeling randy enough to get right down to business without it, when you regularly neglect foreplay you do so at the peril of your steadily burning home fires. Foreplay is part of the main course, not just an appetizer. You’re not much of a golfer if your short game is terrible, right?

Amazing Ways To Please Your Man In Bed

As a guy, I enjoy a great blowjob. However, I also have my fair share of unhappy experiences due to some half-hearted and lousy blow jobs. Read on to see if you are committing any of these classic blowjob mistakes and learn the tips to please your man by giving him a blowjob in the right way.

How Squirting Orgasms Sometimes Require Going Slow – Foreplay Techniques for Giving a Slower Orgasm

When people think of female squirting orgasms (also known as female ejaculation orgasms and occasionally as gushing orgasms) a common mistake is to think that you have to use lots of speed and power to give her a squirting orgasm. This error is often caused by people’s first exposure to these orgasms: in pornography. While the average porno-starlet can handle this kind of crazy stimulation, it is far too intense for most normal women.

How To Turn A Girl On And Make Her Orgasm Easily

It is no secret that like men, women love to masturbate. Here is what you can learn from the female masturbation habits that you can apply to please a woman sexually.

Sex Toys in Your Relationship?

Incorporating sex toys in your relationship with a partner can spice up your sex life and actually enhance the intimacy with your partner. Whether used as foreplay or the main event, personal pleasure objects can open new worlds of sexual exploration limited only by your imagination.

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