What You Need To Know About The Prostate And Prostate Massage

Does She Like Sex? 4 Unusual Facts About Sex Women WISH Men Knew (And Now You Do)

Does she love sex? Do women have as much sex drive as a man? WHAT do women REALLY want in bed?

A New Approach Is Required to Promote Sexual Well-Being

A new sexual health approach is required. The strategy should build on the psychological capital strengths of individuals, their positive sexual habits and norms and values that are regarded in the environment.

5 Great Tips To Do Before Sexual Intercourse That Will Put Your Partner At Ease While Having Sex

The word sex when mentioned has much influence over the mind and how people think. Some people on hearing the word it will excite them or, it could have an adverse effect causing fear and disgust. Commonly this is because most may never have had sexual intercourse in their life. Just the thought of sleeping with someone of the opposite sex can see one person cringe, while, the sex maniac is likely to get a tingle down his or her spine.

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The Paradox of Sex

It could be argued that sex is the only addiction that is unavoidable. Addiction to alcohol, tobacco and hard and soft drugs can be avoided by merely not starting to take them. Similarly, nobody need become addicted to gambling if they decline the first invitation to put a nickel in the one-armed bandit or to fill a football-pools coupon. All these potential addictions depend upon an outside agency, a substance and a system, but the sexual instinct is inside us and we have no easy escape from its clutches. It is perhaps for this reason that sex seems to occupy a bigger place in our lives than objective reason would allow.

9 Silly Sex Mistakes To Avoid That Ruin A Good Sex Sexual Intercourse Experience With A Man Or Woman

What is the difference between good sex and bad sex? A bit of a tricky question because in reality, only you can know that. Each individual will have a different perception of what good sex is to the next person. It’s like food in a way, you might like bacon with sauce and others don’t, therefore, give sauce to the hater and they will see this as a bad thing rather than good.

Sex: When Should a Couple Take the Next Step?

In today’s instant-everything world, knowing how to navigate the road of love most often seems to lack substance, commitment, and time. As a traditional Matchmaker and relationship advisor, I strongly believe there are many different scenarios we play out in our heads when it comes to how we perceive a given situation, and not all of them maybe be accurate. There is an old adage which says that “women play with sex to get love, men play with love to get sex”.

Creative Uses of Condoms Relevant in Our Daily Survival

The main use of condoms is for having protected sex. However, as we shall see, condoms have many other uses outside the bedroom.

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