Pornstar Casey Kisses: Full Podcast Interview

Pornstar Casey Kisses: Full Podcast Interview

The Female Orgasm – 3 Basic Steps You Can Take to Achieving One

Many women today either do not have an orgasm or have difficulty reaching one. Studies show that 95% of women are capable of reaching orgasms but still need help in achieving it. Although every woman is different in nature, all women are pre-orgasmic. In this article we are going to discuss some tips you can use for reaching the perfect female orgasm.

How to Give a Woman a Mind Blowing Orgasm

Sometimes, trying to give a female an orgasm can seem somewhat overwhelming. For men, it is not really an issue, but the female anatomy is far more complicated, so achieving female orgasm can sometimes involve enhanced technique, or a variety of techniques.

The Female Orgasm Explained – How to Reach the G-Spot Easily

In order to reach the spot, you must first know the location. On the vagina’s top side between the cervix and the pubic bone lies the G-spot, similar to a female prostate. G-spot is the part of Urethral sponge which plays a significant role at the time of arousal. If stimulation is done properly, extreme pleasure can be obtained, giving rise to orgasm at the time of sexual intercourse. In some of the cases when the spot is stimulated, some women could feel an urge to urinate.

How to Make Sex Go Longer

One of the most ordinary questions within the sex advice online forums is “How Can I Last Longer in Bed?” Here is the long and short of it: you could make sex endure longer by improving ejaculatory control!

Multiple Orgasms – Are They Possible?

For some women, one orgasm is plenty. They may find that their clitoris is simply too sensitive after the first orgasm to enjoy additional ones. For them, multiple orgasms can be uncomfortable unless done correctly.

Tips for Female Orgasms During Intercourse

Not all women experience an orgasm during intercourse; in fact, if you are able to climax during intercourse, from the act itself, you are lucky. This said, it is eminently possible for women to experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse. The key lies in getting to know your body better and trying out different positions for intercourse.

The Hidden Art of the Finger – How to Finger Properly

The correct use of your hands, and fingers, is just another tool you need to add to your sex-arsenal. Use it wisely and, not only, will your girl become addicted to you, other females will also be attracted to you: Because you know, they talk!

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