What Women Really Think About your Oral Sex Game

What Women Really Think About your Oral Sex Game

Newsflash: The Joneses Are Swingers!

If it were true, would that mean that all those people out there who are concerned about what others think, or who are trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” would also become swingers? Would that mean since the Joneses are doing it, that everyone would think it’s OK to join in and no longer consider it taboo?

5 Key Ingredients Of Happy Sex

Are you happy with your sex life? Are you happy with the amount of sex you have?

How to Get Her to Have Sex With You

Many women are conditioned to suppress their desire for sex. Most women feel that if they give it up too early or make it known they desire sex, they will be viewed in a negative manner. The best way to get a woman to have sex with you is to trigger her secret switch. Continue reading to find out more.

Sexy Lingerie Will Drive Your Partner Wild

Do you feel that the burning passion you once shared with your partner is slowly dying? Well, don’t give up just yet and let everything fall apart. Often all that is needed to rekindle your sex life is to introduce something new. And this “something new” to help you spice things up in the bedroom is a naughty piece of sexy lingerie.

6 Easy Ways On How To Get A Woman Turned On

What is it about a sexual encounter that makes it so great? What are the things you can do to turn a woman on?

Tried Tantra? So What’s the Buzz and Hype About Bondassage?

Bondassage, developed by Jaeleen Bennis, Santa Cruz USA, is all about a dynamic up-market spa experience and a transforming journey of uniquely tailored erotic pleasure, combining light bondage (BDSM), handcuffs, visual sensory deprivation, sensual erotic music and relaxing sensual massage. In addition, the Bondassage experience can propel the erotic adventurer/client into the BDSM experience called Subspace. What a combination indeed! What does Subspace mean? Could Bondassage be the new Tantra experience? So what is all the buzz and hype about Bondassage anyway?

Discover Your Deeper, Sexier Voice

There is no doubt about it. You’ve got one: a richer, warmer speaking voice that, given the right tone, can be very, very hot. It is merely a matter of finding it.

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