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Ways to Last Longer in Bed to Increase Pleasure

Lack of ejaculatory control is a common problem that a lot of men suffer with. This article lists some of the most easy ways to increase your staying power so that both you and your partner can enjoy more satisfying sex.

Dry Penis Warning – The Hazards of Unhealthy Penile Skin

Clearly, a dry penis is less appealing than one with smooth, well-hydrated skin; but the problems associated with dry, parched skin are more than just superficial. Dermal tissue that is chronically dry can increase a man’s risk of more intensive problems; therefore, appropriate penile care should include attention to the condition of the skin. Read on for more about the problems associated with a dry, dehydrated penis.

Sex Therapy Q and A: Breast Cancer Survivors and Sexuality

Breast cancer survivors–and their partners–may find themselves navigating the “new normal” in the wake of treatment. For many survivors, this new normal may also include a new view of their sexuality and new ways of connecting with their partner.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend To Last Longer During Sex?

If you are wondering, “how do I get my boyfriend to last longer during sex?”, then we have a method that works great. Read how to take action on this very frustrating problem.

Christian Sex Conundrum – What Is NOT Allowed During Intimacy?

Let’s solve this Christian sex conundrum right now. What is NOT allowed during Christian sex? Read on and find out.

Born or Chosen, Does It Really Matter?

Long has the debate about whether being homosexual is chosen or if born that way has gone on. This article will run through the inner aspects of both sides and hopefully provide a much deeper understanding of both options.

Ways to Get a Robust Libido and Boost Testosterone in Men

A lot of men experience a drop in their libido as they older. It is possible to enhance libido and testosterone naturally with simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Not just this, you can also use natural supplements to enjoy a robust libido.

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