Wake Up And Start Using Sun Screens

The damaging effects the harsh rays of the sun can do to the body are no longer news. Rather, attention is now on how to protect ourselves from these rays with sunscreen. Don’t get it wrong, a little bit of sunshine is beneficial to the body, as it can be a source of vitamin D. But too much exposure to the sun will certainly damage the skin.

The primary destructive agents are the Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB), both are constituents of sunlight, and are the major cause of skin cancer, altered pigmentation, dilated blood vessels, and textural changes of the skin. And when you combine all these anomalies, the result is an aging skin. When someone with sunburn further exposes himself to the sun without sunscreen protection, he is damaging his skin and increasing the odds of him getting skin cancer.

The same holds for the process of tanning, because each exposure further damages the skin, regardless of whether the skin is sunburned or not. It is due to this that experts asserted that no skin tanning is really safe.

Over the years, several types of sun screens have been produced with built in capabilities to protect the skin from the damaging rays of the sun. When sun screens are worn properly, and regularly, they can provide maximum protection from sun rays. But nothing still beats staying out of the sun to avoid damage to your skin, regardless of whether you are wearing a sun screen, hat, or protective clothing.

A marvel about sun screens is their versatility, because they are just not limited to be applied on the skin. There are other variants of sun screens like window tinting, sun shades, and several other sun protective devices for the home and automobiles. For house owners in warmer parts of the U.S, owning sun screens is vital, because the intensity of the sun in these areas is severe.

So it is common sight to see such things as window tinting on cars, and light filtering curtains. Many businesses that specialized in the production of sun shading items for the home and offices are widely available in those areas.

Owning sun screen is very important for almost everyone, avid sun and tan lovers inclusive. It is a grave error to think that you cannot get skin cancer from exposure to the sun; the graveyard is full of people who had the same thought.

It is very easy to apply sun screen to your skin, and it is probably the cheapest way to protect yourself and family from the sun. Because of their very easy mode of application to the skin, sun screen are now an integral part of facial, lip, and body moisturizing products.

Remember, you will have no chance to reverse the effects of a damaged skin such as skin cancer, so the practical way to prevent this is by using sun screens to protect yourself from the sun.

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