How to Seduce Your Wife Like an Animal?

“You’re an animal, a wild animal – always hungry for her. Every movement of her body turns you on and transforms you into a wild, sexual beast. Your eyes, heart, and mind are hyper-focused on her. You want to grab her, throw her in bed, and ravish her like there is no tomorrow.”

Is Coconut Oil Safe for Internal Adult Use?

It is quite common for people today to use coconut oil in the kitchen. It is also quite common for people to use it in the bedroom. This article investigates the safety of coconut oil when used internally, as a personal lubricant.

5 Ways to Drive a Girl BATTY in Bed (A Girl’s Guide to Sensational Sex!)

What does my girlfriend REALLY want me to do in bed? Does she want me to be kinky.

8 Things You Will Not Be Told About Sex

If only some things about sex can be made known to us, most of us would have wait till marriage. Read more on those things you were not told about sex.

3 Female Sex Fantasies (And The EASIEST Way to Make Her Sexual Dreams Come True!)

What do women fantasize about? Do women have the same sexual fantasies that men do?

What Does It Take To Be A Good Lover?

This article deals with the facets involved in becoming a good lover. The world needs more happily married people in love with making love.

Possible Consequences for Ignoring Adolescent Male Masturbation

Unlike females, masturbation emerges naturally for teen boys, almost by accident in many instances. But how each boy understands whatever physical and psychological changes he experiences specific to sexuality and what to do, will affect his future sexual adequacy in relations with females. If he learns the mechanics of masturbation for purposes of control and reduced anxiety, chances are, he will create “staying power,” to help pleasure a woman to orgasm–the single biggest objective of majority of men during intercourse. Of course, that depends on whether she is capable of cumin. Anything less, might exact the wrath of premature ejaculation (PE), to his and female partner(s) peril.

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