The thing your girlfriend or wife wants (that not even she knows about)!

Sex Positions – 3 Ways To Sexually Satisfy Your Woman

In this article you’ll discover 3 great SEX POSITIONS that you can use to sexually satisfy your woman. So if you want to have MUCH BETTER SEX, read on now…

Improve Your Relationship: The Blackout Technique

The blogosphere is filled with advice for married couples. Anyone who can master this technique is well on their way to a good marriage.

Good Sex for Better Health – The Top 10 Foods That Can Help Get Your Sex Life Back on Track!

If you’re in a committed long-term relationship, take a little trip down memory lane. Do you remember that excitement that you felt at the beginning of the relationship when you felt those little tingles and the newness of each other? Then, as time went on some of that excitement started to fade. Well, here are some tips and tricks you can use to get that sizzle back to the bedroom. Lifestyle changes and small modifications can make humongous differences in your sexual satisfaction. Let’s start with blood flow. You can increase blood flow to the genital areas by walking 20 minutes three times a week, quitting smoking, eating a Mediterranean diet such as fresh vegetables, olive oil, fruits, whole grains, and fish. These are pro-sexual things that a man and woman can do every day to increase sexual satisfaction.

10 Ways to Prepare for the Safe Sex Talk

Sex is a healthy part of life and a powerful way to share love and intimacy. It is important to learn how to be clear and honest about your sexual history before engaging in sex. Unprotected sex can lead to infection, pregnancy, infertility, and life-threatening diseases. This article offers information on how to talk about safe sex.

How To Arouse A Man By Text And Make Him Crave You Tonight

The explosion of technology has provided the means to explode your love life. Master the art of using text to arouse a man and your passion will be rewarded.

What’s The Big Deal With Getting A Penis Exercise Program? Can’t You Just Do The Basic Routines?

Have you joined the millions of men who have decided to steer clear of using enhancement pills by themselves, using pumps or extenders, strapping on hanging weights, damaging your penis with clamping tools, having a doctor cut and stuff your precious manhood, or doing other bogus nonsense like placing a band-aid (I mean penis patch) on your penis? Well, if you have, then I like to first off commend you on making a wise decision my friend! This tells me that you already have what it takes to get your manhood to that dream size of 7-9 inches. What I mean by that is you obviously have the mindset that in order to get bigger, you MUST GO NATURAL! And you can’t get more natural than penis exercises.

Your Role In The Bedroom

The following is placed here to remind us to never take our loved ones for granted. Being mindful of technological competition from the sex machines. Have you seen what they can do now?

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