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Female Sexuality – A New Perspective

Any account of women’s responses (to orgasm) needs to explain women’s motivation to engage in sexual activity, what erotic turn-ons cause women’s mental arousal and what physical stimulation they need for orgasm. Female sexuality also includes more conscious behaviours that help fill the gap between male and female responsiveness.

Last Longer Sexually – 4 Potent Methods That Guarantee World-Rocking Sex for Hours on End!

The ability to have sex for hours without suffering from premature ejaculation is often an elusive dream for many men. Read on to learn a few strategies to make it a reality.

Tantric Sex – What’s the Difference?

Sex is a natural expression of love, but many of us have closed our hearts and practice what I call “default” sex. The majority of people approach sex as simply a way to “release” the seed. The result of that kind of unconscious thinking is that sex is not sacred, Sex is not worship. But the truth is that sex is an act of Divine love, between you, your partner and the Supreme.

Nurturing Physical Intimacy in Your Relationship

Physical intimacy between couples is one of the most solid building blocks to a successful relationship. Take out physical intimacy from the equation and all you have is two friends that love each other very much. Whatever you have fails to transcend the barrier that takes you from friends to having a lifelong mutually beneficial relationship that covers all aspects of togetherness.

What’s the Best Way to Give a Man Pleasure? Supercharged Sex Tips Proven to Make Him Orgasm Hard

You can give your man pleasure like he has never had before by mastering these supercharged sex tips proven to make him orgasm hard. There are techniques that haven’t been released before and they will give him the satisfaction that he has been craving. What’s the best way to give a man pleasure? It’s outlined below.

How to Satisfy Her In Bed – Game of Dominance

When you were young and freshly in love, sex was a regular part of your life. As years go by, you tend to take your partner for granted, and the spice is missing from your relationship! Here are some tips to bring back the lost are of love making in a new, fresh form! Here is to your second honeymoon at home.

BDSM Without Pain

With all of the BDSM stories and videos out there, it might begin to look as though you can’t have BDSM fun without inflicting or receiving pain. However, this is not the case for all of those who love to incorporate BDSM in their lives. You can have BDSM without any pain. In fact, there are several ways to go about this sort of pain-free practice.

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