Kira Noir: AVN 2023 Red Carpet Interview!

Kira Noir: AVN 2023 Red Carpet Interview!

Transform Yourself Into A Goddess That Men Chase By Embracing Your God-Given Sexuality

Wherever I go in dating forum women typically find a dilemma in sex and what it means to them vis a vis the men. To me, when you’re so into each other, sex is obvious and it won’t be an issue. How can you stay away from sex when the chemistry/connection is so strong and beckoning at you both every second you’re together? I’d say, forget the rule, go for it and enjoy it. He won’t disappear if you two hit it off.

Maturity and It’s Effect on Your Sex Life, Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction and Treatment

As we get older we face many challenges in our sex life but as long as we are healthy there is no reason why we cannot have a viable sex life up into our 90s. Problems such as erectile dysfunction generally arise because of the different subscription medications. We must be very vigilant in choosing the treatment for this condition because there are many side effects that can cause you permanent injury and even death. The three main drugs used to treat the symptoms of ED are Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra. We have all seen the advertisements for these drugs and the possible 4 hour erections, and if you are a man you cringe thinking of the associated pain but this side effect is a reality. In 2007 there were 96 reported cases; 74 with Viagra, 3 with Levitra, and 16 with Cialis and along with that comes a laundry list of other side effect that include stroke and heart attack. The best advice is to do the research before you try any medications even those that your doctor prescribes.

10 Steps To Beat Premature Ejaculation

If you are keen to find out how to overcome premature ejaculation and boost your lasting power in bed, you want to read this now. Do you know that you can achieve this without relying on short-term fixes such as desensitizing sprays, creams, pills and “climax control” condoms?

How to Please a Woman With Your Tongue

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to please a woman with your tongue? As oral sex is the most effective way to get her to climax, being an expert at going down will lead to much more enjoyable sex for both you and your partner.

Eating a Girl Out

Do you want to become adept in eating a girl out? Learn some simple techniques to have her screaming your name in delight.

Sexiest Man Alive: How To Be The Most Attractive Man She Knows In 5 Minutes

In order to have great sex with a woman, and to make her orgasm consistently, it’s important that she sees you as a very attractive man. In fact, a woman’s attraction level for a man is the number one determining factor in whether she will have an orgasm. So the more attractive she sees you, the more likely she will have an orgasm with you. I’m going to show you a powerful NLP technique that will make your girlfriend see you as the most attractive guy she knows. It’s not a technique that I would use to pick up a woman per se, but more when you already have a girlfriend and you’re looking to have better sex, enhance her orgasms, and have a more satisfying relationship.

Avoid Premature Ejaculation – How to Last Longer And Avoid PE

If you worry about your sexual stamina and want to learn how to avoid premature ejaculation, then look no further. There are many things you can do to increase your times and prolong orgasm in bed, and they aren’t that hard to practice or add to your daily life. However, many men are too embarrassed by their premature ejaculation problems and never find out how to fix their sexual issue. Use the techniques listed in this article to avoid this issue and increase your level of sexual health.

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