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The Erect Penis and Back Pain: Best Sex Positions

Back pain is an unwelcome phenomenon, especially when one has an erect penis that is anxious to see some action. Choosing the appropriate sex position can help make sex with back pain more pleasurable.

Easy Ways to Boost Libido in Men Naturally

A lot of men lose their desire to have sex as they get older. This article lists some of the best natural ways to enhance libido and testosterone in men.

Sex Drive and Stress – The Effects of Emotional Disorders on Penile Health

When depression, anxiety and other mood disorders strike, they can have a profound effect on a man’s sex drive and overall penis health. Here’s why.

Ways to Boost Semen Production in Men by 500%

A lot of men wish they could produce and ejaculate more semen. It’s possible to do so with simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. Natural semen enhancing supplements can also help a great deal in increasing your semen production.

Relationships: Can Toxic Shame Cause Someone To Believe They’re Not Enough For The Opposite Sex?

While each gender has the same value, it doesn’t mean that everyone feels this way. One can believe that men/women are worth more and this is then going to cause them to feel less than the opposite sex.

How to Boost Your Semen Volume by 500% Quickly

A lot of men have this fantasy of producing and ejaculating more semen. This article lists some highly effective ways to increase your semen volume naturally and safely.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Semen Volume by 500%

More semen enhances pleasure during ejaculation. This article lists some of the most effective and simple ways to increase your semen production.

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