Relationship Intimacy Issues – Do You Have Fear Of Intimacy

How to Have Enjoyable Sex During Pregnancy

With a clean bill of health and tons of advice from your OB/GYN, sex during pregnancy is a green light. Intercourse is safe for both the mother and baby. There is a mucus plug in the cervix and amniotic fluid in the uterus to protect your baby from infection.

What It Could Mean For Your Sex Life, If All People On Earth Are Documented As Planets And Galaxies

A commentary on sex lives. And planets and galaxies.

The Relationship Between the Mind, the Salivary Glands and the Sexual Organs

It is of utmost important for us to understand the relation of the mind to the functions of the sexual system. The mind has the power to stimulate many of the glands of the body to unusual activity. In the presence of delicious fruit or a table spread with tempting food, the mind stimulates the salivary glands to increased activity.

The Perfect Attire for Tantric Ritual

Tantric ritual allows us to drop into our soul and body, become present to ourselves and each other, and open up to deeper connection. Attire is a key element to setting the mood and create sacred space for this ritual! And we prefer to wear sarongs for these Tantric occasions.

Regular Sex is Good for Men

It is always recommended that having sex regularly is beneficial to both men and women. But, do you know it is more beneficial to men as compared to the women.

How To Keep Your Sex Life Active With Your Partner

Wonderful as it is, you won’t get to the blissful peak until you remove from your consciousness the phantoms of darkness that have destroyed your respect for sex Be Sporty Without sacrificing due reverence for your partner, be sporty and agile, of course, not as though you were an athlete on the field. Sex is not a sport or a demonstration, yet you need your sporty energy and spirit in this ritual of no observances. Eating too much just before sex or taking excessive alcohol tends to make the system dull and without spirit…

Why Talking About Sex From the Beginning Is a Must

Talking about Sex in relationships is important. This article will discuss why and how you can spark these conversations.

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