5 Ways To Help Your Partner with Erection Issues

Small Penis Sex Tips: Working With What a Man’s Got

A man with a small penis may crave advice on how to increase his length, but what he really needs to know is how to make the best of what he has. The following sex tips can help.

Sex Information Must Explain Real Women’s Behaviours

The young tend to be the most sexually active. So mature couples with decades of experience often assume that young people know more about sex than they do. In turn each generation rejects the wisdom of its elders.

Foot Fetish: Introducing the Topic to a Partner

A guy can find himself with an erect penis for any number of reasons (such as just being a guy), but some men have special triggers. For those with a foot fetish, it can be the sight of a bare sole on the beach or a comely ankle peeking out of a sandal strap. While a foot fetish can be entirely harmless, in some instances a man needs to take steps to ensure that this inclination does not have a negative impact on his penis health.

Sexual Fetishes Vs Kinks: They’re Not the Same

Is there any difference between sexual fetishes and kinks? Yes, and a man would do well to know which he’s rocking.

I Am Unable to Have Sex With My Wife, What Should I Do?

Meet Pradeep. Pradeep has been with his wife Ekta for 15 years. They have a happy, healthy relationship and have nurtured three beautiful children. On the surface there relationship is perfect but behind the scenes not all is as it seems.

Raw Penis Prevention: Steps to Prepare the Tool for Marathon Sex

A man who engages in a marathon sex session is a man with a huge smile on his face – and perhaps a very raw penis in his trousers. Properly prepping can help.

Take, Do Not Give or Let

A word of sexual wisdom to all the women out there: start taking, not giving, not letting. Start taking now.

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