Reading Your Awkward Sexual Encounters!

Better Sex With Games for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

December is host to more celebratory events than one can throw a stick at. There’s copious amounts of food, plenty of company – and the opportunity for better sex for many. That last one may not always be at the top of everybody’s list, but in fact the holidays are an excellent time for exploring new sex games with one’s partner.

The Excitement of Cunnilingus in Sex

Giving women oral sex is an intense and very intimate experience that many men miss out on. This article attempts to describe the experience from the man’s point of view, so that a greater understanding of it can be achieved.

How To Give Your Woman A Full Body Eye Rolling To The Back of Her Head Orgasm Guaranteed!

This article is about full body female orgasms. They have nothing to do with the small little moans and groans female orgasms. All women are capable of achieving these types of uncontrollable body shaking orgasms. Nevertheless very few actually do.

Better Sex Through Music: Setting the Mood

Can what’s playing in the background influence whether one has better sex? Mood music can facilitate a seduction or help increase the intensity of a sexual encounter.

Different Types of Female Orgasms and How To Reach Them

When people talk about the female orgasm, different opinions come up. There are also many misconceptions as to how a girl can experience them. Stop listening to those misguided beliefs and discover the facts instead by continuing to read this article.

3 Tips That Always Work to Give Any Woman an Orgasm

Practice and knowledge will make you a great lover. All women are capable of reaching different kinds of mind-blowing orgasms. In this article I’m sharing with you 3 tips that always work to give my woman an orgasm.

What I Learned After Talking To A Sex Doctor

He helps people discover and create the sex life they’ve always wanted. What exactly? Intimacy, pleasure, sexual expression and more. Most people are aiming for a Sexually empowered existence he says, “In whatever way that looks like ie: Abstaining, Orgies, etc. What matters is that you’re empowered and free.” He is a board certified practitioner of Sexology and has been in the “Sex Ed” space for 6 years. I had a chance to catch up with him, and I’m really glad that I did. Make sure you read to the bottom of the article for the best parts.

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