Pornstar Tasha Reign: Full Podcast Interview

Pornstar Tasha Reign: Full Podcast Interview

Phone Sex: Talking Up Your Sex Life

With the advent of sexting and online camera-based communications, plain old phone sex isn’t a frequent addition to a person’s sex life. But just as nostalgia and retro style make everything old new again, phone sex should be ready for a bit of a comeback now. And why not?

Sore Penis: One Man’s Story of Injury and Recovery

For movie directors, a sore penis is comedic gold. A character who takes a hit to the groin is sure to make an audience roll with laughter, especially since most directors ensure that the wounded guy gets right back up in a scene or two. The shots just seem funny, especially since movie characters rarely end up with long-term penis care concerns related to the blows.

Threesome Sex Positions: Maneuvering for Maximum Effectiveness

A threesome, whatever its composition, can be an incredibly erotic adventure. But what sex positions work best in this situation? Considering this in advance can ease the transition into sex.

What’s Sex Got to Do With It? Why Married Women Don’t Bring Passion to the Bedroom and How to Fix It

Sandra made her list for the day: Groceries – Drop kids off at school – Pick up the computer from the repairman – Cook dinner – Call Jackie – Get laid… What’s wrong with this list? Now, I don’t know if Sandra made this list based on sequence or based on priority. But let’s just say it was based on priority. If so, there are two things wrong with this list. For one, “Getting laid” is…

Oral Sex: Getting to 69

Nothing quite beats oral sex for a man – unless it’s engaging in a 69 situation with his partner. Sharing oral pleasure in this way can be very special for a couple.

Easy Ways to Boost Libido in Men

A lot of men experience a drop in their libido as they get older. This article lists some of the best ways to enhance sex drive in men.

Sex Tips: Date Movie Do’s and Don’t’s

Going to a date movie is de rigueur for couples, although for some men the experience can be on the boring side. Nonetheless, numerous sex tips mention the need for a man to make an effort to share the interests of his partner, which only makes sense and is really quite fair. Guys sometimes think that successful dating involves nothing more than being masculine and entertaining, and making sure their penis care regimen has kept them ready for action.

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