Pornstar Rachael Cavalli: Full Podcast Interview

Learn How to Talk to Girls Effectively

How to talk to girls is a major concern among men all over the world. Every man wishes to win the heart of every beautiful girl they meet. However, this is not always easy to achieve especially since most of them do not have the skills to keep their conversation interesting.

How To Keep Your Woman Happy In The Bedroom

Keeping your woman happy in the bedroom is not as easy as it may sound. First of all, women are anatomically very different than us. They are also emotionally different from us as well.

Male Multiple Orgasm in 3 Steps

Learn the Male Multiple Orgasm in 3 Steps. End Premature Ejaculation, last as long as you want by discovering the secret ability you can develop yourself. Here’s how…

Why Do I Ejaculate So Soon?

Premature Ejaculation is by far the most common sexual performance complaint. Most men experience this at some time or another during their lives, and more men than would like to admit suffer chronically from this condition.

What to Do When Sex Leaves Penis Skin Dry and Itchy

Sex can be pleasurable, but sex with low lubrication can lead to dry, itchy penis skin. Changing techniques and improving hygiene can help.

Giving Your Guy a Penis Sensitivity Test

Women who notice that their man is having trouble reaching climax may be able to help find the source of the problem. Following these instructions can identify signs of penis sensitivity loss.

Improve Your Penis Size And Your Confidence In The Bedroom – I Went From 5.5″ To Very Well Hung!

I had zero confidence in the bedroom when I was hung at only 5.5 inches long and just under 5 inches around. Every sexual encounter I had was an exercise in paranoia. It started when the moment neared when I knew my pants would be coming off and I would be revealing my member to my partner for the first time. Sometimes I would get so nervous about what her reaction would be that I wouldn’t even be able to stay hard! During intercourse itself, I was even more paranoid, especially if the girl wasn’t particularly responsive. I always envisioned her getting louder and more into it with better hung guys. It was a disaster. However, through a series of simple steps, I was able to improve my penis size as well as my confidence (and my performance) in the bedroom.

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