Pornstar Fast Facts- Lexi Luna

The Five Principles of Female Pleasure

I learned these five principles from a woman named Mirabelle Summers. She said even though every woman is different there are five principles you can follow to give any woman pleasure. Here they are: 1.

Good Sex Doesn’t Start At Night

This article deals with how to set the mood for a nice night of lovemaking. The goal is to prepare before the main event.

Intercourse Is a Demonstration of Male Virility

Intercourse is a sexual act that is determined from start (erection) to finish (ejaculation) by male responses. If intercourse could truly stimulate a woman to orgasm she would have to engineer the timing of her orgasm to coincide exactly with her partner’s every time.

Good Sex Leads to Great Sex

This article addresses the place sex has in a relationship. Shares ways to make it better.

Conundrums of Male’s Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Premature ejaculation is as much an embarrassment to men, suffering from this sexual inadequacy, as much as it is frustrating to women, many of whom become angry because sex and orgasm are limited to a quickly ejaculating guy, rather than the expectation of mutual fulfillment from women. Simply put, sexually assertive women expect to cum, too, but are prevented by men experiencing anxiety and performance problems.

How to Regain 100% Youthful Sex Vitality

The article advises individuals who are going through sex performance challenges including medical problems such as low libido and psychological ones.The article is surely going to help improve the sexual lives of people who have suffered sexual problems. Individuals with sexual challenges and in fact anybody who want to improve their sexual lives should simply do as recommended by the author.

10 Things She Needs More Than Your Size In Bed

It is perfectly natural for a man to worry about the size of his penis, and most men will experience some concern at least once in their lives. What may surprise many men, is that their woman probably cares more about other things than her man’s size.

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