How Is A Woman’s Arousal Different Than A Man?

How Is A Woman’s Arousal Different Than A Man?

Casual Adult Dating – Surfing The Web For Erotic Fun

Times have changed and people are getting more comfortable with what they want and who they are. In the past casual adult dating was almost unheard of. It was a taboo topic that nobody spoke about or dared to mention. Those who were perceived to be engaging in it were frowned upon by society. Obviously, not anymore.

7 Female Libido Booster Tips

Low libido in women or low sexual desire is the most common sexual problem affecting at least one-third of women. Some women are much distressed over this loss of libido, feeling as if they are letting their partners down. However there are many things women can do to rekindle their passion and bring pleasure back in their sex lives.

Explaining the Female Sex Drive

The female sex drive is very complicated. Nobody knows when it spikes up or drops down. Nevertheless, it is as strong as the urge men feels when they’re in the mood.

Focus on Sex for Great Mental and Physical Health

If you’re mind is not focused on sex, then you may be missing out on some very important mental and physical benefits. I’m talking about confident adults that give freedom to their sexual thoughts rather than trying to suppress them as a result of societal norms. When you try to deny something that is natural then it only leads to frustration, stress, and possibly ill health.

What Older Women Know About Great Sex

Old science taught that men preferred younger women since they were genetically programmed to spread their sperm to as many potential women of childbearing years as possible to ensure their legacy. In modern times, although men still desire to unleash their sperm as often as possible, they are not necessarily looking for women to bear their children.

How to Control Your Arousal in Bed – A Simple Guide to Amazing Sex!

How to control your arousal in bed can be a simple and straightforward process, but most men are utterly clueless about it. Not only do you have to control your arousal, you need to keep your “mental triggers” under. So what are these mental triggers and what are the things you should rigorously avoid in bed to last longer and learn how to control your arousal during sex?

How to Last Longer in Bed for Men Naturally

You can last longer in bed naturally without the need of any pill or cream. In fact, the tips that I am going to share with you here are easy to implement and you can start seeing result as soon as tonight.

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