Moms Have More Fun!

Repeat after me… “Moms have more fun!” Doesn’t that feel and sound good?

As moms, we work hard keeping our family happy and healthy but what about ourselves? Do you realize how important having a little fun is? By incorporating fun into you life, you will notice a more positive attitude beginning to emerge and you will also see that adding more fun into your life ultimately lowers stress.

You can increase the fun in your life by focusing on the activities you enjoy the most, spending more time on fun activities, or increasing the number of fun activities that you participate in.

Taking the steps to adding more fun into your life is as easy as:

1- assessing the current activities that you enjoy
2- adding new fun activities to your life
3- allocating more time for fun activities

Following are a few easy steps to take if you are ready to add more fun into your life:

Make a *FUN* list. Make a list of the current activities or hobbies that bring enjoyment to your life. Also be sure to include the hobbies or activities that you have never tried but you think would be fun.

Set aside time. Make a point to schedule at least 2 hours to do one of those activities on your Fun list. I know that your lead a busy life but out of your 168 hour week, just set aside 2 hrs to devote to your fun. You wont regret it.

Make having fun a habit. Having fun should be a priority in your life. Here are some simple suggestions that you can follow in order to add some fun into your life without eating up a lot of time: Read a funny book, story or the comics, share a joke, watch a funny TV program or movie, laugh out loud at something silly that one of your loved ones did or do something silly yourself.

Make your own fun. Take a chore that you normally don’t find enjoyment in and spice it up. Instead of just vacuuming, why not turn that chore into something fun and turn on some music and dance while you vacuum. You can do the same with just about any chore or daunting task.

You will find that by adding fun activities into your lifestyle that you will begin to feel happier, more relaxed and less stressed. Try it this week! You owe it to yourself.

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