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Some Men Insist That Women Are Pleasured by Intercourse

Modern films such as ‘Jeune et Jolie’ (2013) glamorise prostitution to such an extent that we have the impression that all prostitutes are beautiful and classy young women offering a variety of sexual techniques. Sadly the run-of-the-mill prostitute does not provide ‘dinner with a show’. She feels no obligation to fake her own sexual pleasure in return for charging her client.

Masturbation Revamp: Household Items for Extra Fun

Most guys are plenty pleased with their masturbation routines, but it never hurts to mix things up a bit. The following household items can accentuate the experience.

Cancer and Sexuality

When people are diagnosed with cancer or living with cancer, they have many questions regarding sex and sexuality. They often find it difficult to discuss these questions with other people, even their own partners. They become worried, stressed and concerned. Most of these concerns are either related to being diagnosed with cancer or a result of cancer treatment. Most sexuality issues and problems during cancer treatment are psychological, physical, physiological, or a combination of these. The most common sexual problem for both men and women with cancer is loss of desire for sex, or low libido. Other problems, such as anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue, also reduce the patient’s desire for sex. Unfortunately, unlike many other side effects of cancer treatment, sexual problems do not improve early and may even worsen. So, it is very important for patients to very openly discuss their problems with their doctor or other allied health professionals including sexual therapist, psychologist and counselor. This will help patients alleviate the worries and concerns related to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Foreskin Fun: Masturbation Tips for Intact Men

Foreskin is awesome, and men can learn just how much so by using it in different ways. These masturbation tips are designed to bring a whole new level of pleasure to the activity.

Pornography, Is It Extramarital Sex?

While research shows that there are women who enjoy watching pornography as much as some men, there are many more women, those who are married or in relationships, who are outraged by their husbands’ viewing this material. Is their reaction warranted by something that appears, at first glance, to be harmless? Before going any further, it’s important to state that many people do not consider this to be harmless.

5 Ways To Give A Girl A Deeper Orgasm

Discover 5 Ways to give your girl that deeper, toe-curling orgasm they want (and you want to give them!). Read on to see the details.

Sex Tips: Exploring Beyond the Bedroom

The bedroom may be the most important place in the house for sexual enjoyment, but it’s not the only option. High among the list of sex tips for couples, especially those in long-term relationships, is occasionally moving beyond the bedroom and exploring sensuality in other parts of the house. Making a change in location like this can add a little spice to things; while for most men sex is far from monotonous, it still can become slightly routine.

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