What Is Jelqing and Does It Work As a Viable Penis Enlargement Option?

What is jelqing? This has been a common question many males have had in regards to penis enlargement options. It’s been said that the jelqing exercise may be a viable option to consider, but many men still don’t know exactly what jelqing is and how it is performed.

Women’s Conscious Use of Sexual Fantasy

Women do not have the advantage that men have of being aroused in anticipation of sexual activity as well as by a lover’s body. So they need to work much harder at achieving the kind of arousal that leads to orgasm.

A History of Sexual Morality

Both monogamist and casual sexual pairings can be found among apes as well as humans. Why should there be such a fuss about casual human sexual pairings when our hormones are probably as potent as ape’s? This article briefly reviews the history of sexual morality as revealed in the Bible and offers an explanation for the apparently arbitrary divine rules regarding sex.

Created to Be Sexually Pure

How are we as men suppose to act sexually? The popular views of society, movies, and music expect us to act a certain way, and yet, if we are honest with ourselves and search our conscience, we find a contradiction in views. So how are we really suppose to act in regards to our sexuality? We hope to provide that answer here…

Does Penis Size Matter When It Comes to Sex?

The question, “Does penis size matter?” has been on everybody’s lips since the dawn of time and most men and women in today’s day and age still ponder that age-old question. If you ask women, “Does penis size matter?” however, a lot of them will say that the performance is more important than the actual size of a man’s manhood.

Arousal Mechanisms Are Not Unique to One Lover

Arousal and orgasm arise when our minds and bodies respond to erotic concepts or attributes. Anyone who is limiting sexual activity to a relationship with one person is talking about the sensual and emotional aspects of sex.

Orgasm Depends on a Positive Response to Eroticism

For the most part, before we can achieve orgasm we must first be aroused in our minds. Arousal occurs in the brain as a mental response to erotic psychological turn-ons.

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