How To Stop Having Sexual Shame

Self Conscious in the Sack? 3 Strange Things Men Worry About During Sex

Are you self conscious during sex? Do you let fears, and insecurities creep in while making love? If you are anything like most men.

Married Men Have Sex More Often Than Single Men Do

Married men have more sex than single men because they don’t have to negotiate every sexual opportunity. Men assume intercourse is a privilege of marriage.

Keep The Sexual Spark In Long Term Relationships

We all know the experience in the first few months of having intense passion in a relationship. LOTS of sex, LOTS of orgasms and a feeling like the desire will last forever. As we all know, this passion wears off, but how much it wears off and how much pleasure you have in a longer term relationship is up to you.

How Can a Sexologist Help You in Life?

Sexology can be defined as a scientific study that can easily be applied in human sexuality. This also includes functions, sexual interests and behaviors. This term does not always refer to the non- scientific study such as social criticism and political science.

How Long Should Sex Last For? 14,400 Men and Women Were Asked

The sexual health promotion lab at the University of Kentucky has interviewed over 14,000 men and women and asked them all kinds of sexnteresting questions. So how long does the average couple report having sex for? 10 minutes seems to be the average for penetration. Interestingly both genders wanted sex to last about twice as long as it does.

A Woman May Offer Intercourse When She Feels Respected

Women do not offer intercourse for their own enjoyment of sexual pleasure and orgasm. They offer intercourse to a man who gives them respect and affection.

All You Need to Know About Erotic Massage and Its Benefits to the Body

While we talk about erotic massage therapies, several people think it to immoral and there is a hush -hush situation all around where people like to speak about it behind closed doors. People are ready to talk about other forms of massage where the genital areas are covered, and the rest of the body is focussed on.

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