The Truth About The Symptoms Of Menopause

There have been debates in many places about some women who insist that they don’t experience any form of symptoms prior to menopause.

I know it?s difficult to believe that these women are stating this, especially when you are aware that you do experience painful symptoms of menopause. Don?t be quick to dismiss such claims, because it really happens around the globe!

While most women will experience some symptoms of menopause, it is critical for you to understand that not all women will experience the same symptoms. The fact remains that every woman’s body is different from another woman. Nothing works the exact same way in every woman.

Every woman has a different life style, eat different products, exercises or not. Everything they do influence their body.

That?s why it is perfectly normal when such women who don’t experience symptoms of menopause just gradually slip into it with ease.

Whatever some people have learned menopause does not occur suddenly!

What happens is this; as all women mature and pass through their reproductive years (usually from as early as 15 years to 45 years – depending on the women in question), an egg is released each and every month with the aim of getting fertilized to form a child.

When this fertilization does not take place, this results in menstruation. As this occurs every month, the supplies of eggs gradually decrease because there are a maximum number of ovarian follicles in every woman that develop into eggs.

When the number of eggs has been exhausted, this finally brings about menopause and at this stage, a woman is no longer able to have children.

For women who say they don’t experience any symptoms, this is true. They simply get into the stage when they stop menstruating before they notice that they have reached menopause.

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